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Walking Rabbits
Tug-Along Caterpillar

Animated and Pull Toys

Nothing fascinates a child more than a pull-toy that moves as it rolls along. The faster the child goes, the faster the toy moves. So far, I have made three animated toys and plan to add more.


The grasshoppers have been my most popular animated toy.  They are made of solid wood, not plywood, using mahogany, alder, Siberian pine, oak, and poplar. Legs and wheels are made of mahogany, Siberian pine, oak, and poplar with the addition of Brazilian cherry and black walnut.


The antennae is stranded #10 electrical wire with the wood balls epoxied on the end and also epoxied into the grasshopper body. They won’t come off!


The rabbits have been made of alder, oak and poplar although can be made of other woods that I have on hand.


Only one duck made so far, and that was of alder. I plan on making more along with an animated beaver (do I sense an Oregon Civil War scene coming???).