Sandy's Wood Shoppe Custom Woodworking - By Design!


Custom Designed Clocks

      A wide variety of clocks are available. Although some are made from patterns, many are created based on the wood I have available, and thus are one-of-a-kind! Generally, all clocks are made from hardwoods, and are finished using a semi-gloss finish. Unless requested, clocks are not stained, as I prefer the natural colors and grain pattern of each wood to be highlighted. I also make clocks per a customer’s request, so if you have a favorite style, I’ll do my best to satisfy that request.

       Clocks range in size from about 4 inches (Wedge Clock) to about 24 inches wide (large mantle clock), and heights range from about 3 inches to about 12 inches high.

Normally, all clocks have felt or other soft fabric on the base.

      Clock insert faces range in size from about 1.5 inches to about 2.5-3 inches. (A clock insert is a mechanism that is inserted into a clock base, and includes the battery housing.) Other clock face sizes are limited only by the piece of wood used and the customer’s request. Usually no numbers are used, and often wood dots or other markers denote the quarter hour. If numerals are requested, I will try to obtain them per a customer’s requested style.

Here are some of the clocks I've made! Most are original designs.